In the Works
The Keep,
a one act (or short 2 act) ballet (ideally 45 - 60 min.) based on the short story The Keep by Bethany
Morgan and Pat Rasile. During the battles against England for a unified Wales (11th century), Thomas is reminded
that the strength of his love for his wife Cristin will lead him to his ultimate victory.
Pawn’s Move,
based on the novel Pawn and Frankincense of the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett. An English
Opera in 2 acts. At stake is the political order of three continents, for Lymond’s child is a pawn in a cutthroat live
chess game whose gambits include treason, enslavement, and murder. I currently have an 8 year option to develop this opera.
a musical loosely based on a true story about the 20th century American dancer and theatrical innovator.
Book by Yvonne Adrian, lyrics by regina Smoler, and music by Pat Rasile.